Thoughts on Purpose

I’ve been thinking a lot this year about our purpose. In essence, it’s what drives us forward, keeps us innovation and creating, yet also steadfast and strong. More recently, that which sustains us in the face of tremendous adversity. Not sure there’s ever a final version – but here’s where I’m at.
Gosh I love my job. Happy Summer.

A Developing, Critical Mind
We want your children to thrive at Three Bridges academically and achieve their full potential. They will learn new things and share their learning with one another. They will grow from challenge and support and learn to be critical of thoughts and ideas, knowledge and understanding, and most importantly, reflective towards themselves and the broader world. We want them to engage curiously, courageously and collaboratively with what is said and read, but also have the depth to challenge critically and communicate confidently for what might be missing from the narrative. We want them to develop into problem solvers, pathfinders and poetic thinkers. This isn’t easy and it’s rarely in a straight line. Excellence at Three Bridges stems from nurturing the whole person, through hard-earned accomplishment and sky high expectations. This is reflected deeply in what they learn and how they learn across our curriculum. We believe in developing their minds.

Eyes Wide Open, Hands Outstretched
As they navigate their way through Three Bridges, they will encounter globality, multi-ethnicity, inclusivity and adventure woven into the very fabric of learning. We will encourage them to look at what’s behind them, what’s in front of them, what is all around them – and up to the sky. We want your children to uncover the servant leader within them, becoming people that truly value and care for other people regardless of their individual strengths and struggles. They will learn to balance and harmonize the delicate interaction of taking care of themselves – inside and out – and prioritising the needs of others so we all succeed. They will be listeners, laughers, and leaders in their own lives and in the lives of others. We want their eyes wide open to the world so that they may make their own contribution on purpose – their own difference – with a moral compass that steers them towards building community, strengthening family, and deepening relationships. We believe in uncovering young people who have their eyes wide open to the world and hands outstretched to serve.

A Full, Strong and Healthy Heart
We know that the core of a world-class education is what’s developing on the inside of a child; not simply what they know and can remember, but who they become. Character is not created after a week or a month – it is uncovered little by little, day by day, in everything that we do. Developing genuine curiosity, wonder, and resilience takes work. Optimism in the face of adversity or kindness in spite of cruelty takes modeling and practice, intention and attention. We support the development of incredible young people: mind, body and soul. We take their physical development as important as their academic development and we nurture within them a love of life. We want them to grow up to love one another, animals and nature, the incredible scope of all living things and, most importantly, that they grow up learning to love themselves. We believe that every child should have a full, strong and healthy heart.

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